Executive Director: Katie Fallon,CPBT-KA

Katie Fallon co-founded the ACCA in 2012. She is a writer, educator, and Certified Professional Bird Trainer. Katie first started working with birds professionally in 1997, and since then has worked with (and written about) a variety of raptors, corvids, songbirds, and parrots. She has given presentations about vultures at conferences and meetings from Arizona to South Africa and many places in between. Her favorite birds to work with at the ACCA are the vultures (of course) and Sheryl the American crow.



Cheyenne & Killy the American kestrel

Bird Trainer & Educator: Cheyenne Carter

Cheyenne Carter volunteered with the ACCA for more than a year before being hired as a staff member. Her duties include working with the non-releasable birds in our care as well as conducting environmental education programs. Cheyenne has a bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Wildlife from West Virginia University, and she is a member of the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators and has been a recipient of the Walter Crawford Memorial Scholarship to attend IAATE’s conference. Her favorite birds to work with at the ACCA are Randolph the Eastern screech-owl and Killy the American kestrel.


WVU Work Study 2021-2022: Bennett Spernak

Bennett is a Wildlife & Fisheries Resources major at WVU. He volunteered with the ACCA for two years, then completed a summer internship with us, and now works for the ACCA. Bennett is interested in all aspects of managing wildlife living under human care, including bird training and designing enrichment opportunities. The ACCA relies on Bennett for all kinds of things, from giving presentations with non-releasable birds, to creance flying rehabilitation birds, to reaching items on the top shelf!



WVU Work Study 2021-2022: Amelia Aiken

Amelia is a Pre-Vet major at WVU. After completing a summer internship with the ACCA, she was hired as a Work Study student for this academic year. She also works as a veterinary assistant at a veterinary clinic. Amelia plans on attending veterinary school after her time at WVU and pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinarian. Amelia is an extremely hard worker and wonderful presence — we are fortunate to have her as part of the ACCA team!