Striker with educator Hillary Shane

Striker is an adult female Cooper’s hawk. Her rescuers called the ACCA after the hawk had become trapped inside their garage. She couldn’t fly well, was very thin, and had an injury involving her elbow. She has reduced range of motion in that elbow and doesn’t have sufficient flight ability to return to the wild.

Cooper’s hawks are known for often being high energy, high stress birds in captive situations; however, this Cooper’s hawk was oddly calm and comfortable around humans, and she seemed accustomed to being fed and handled. We will never know her exact story and history, but we think she may have been raised by humans and inappropriately released. While this (and her elbow injury) prevented her from thriving in the wild, she’s a great educational ambassador! She has a big personality and often “sings” along with her human caretakers. Striker is most comfortable when she’s eating on the glove, so sometimes things get a little messy when she’s at a program. We love this little hawk, and we’re glad we could provide a home for her.