Luna at admission


Luna at WVU’s MountainLair

“Luna” is a female Barn Owl that came to the ACCA as a two-week-old chick. Her parents had nested on the Hardy County courthouse in Moorefield, WV. One morning a courthouse worker discovered a chick on a concrete sidewalk, more than thirty feet below the nest. The little owl was badly injured, and we did not think she would survive. She had a fractured pelvis, femur, and ulna, ruptured air sacs, and bruising. Because of round-the-clock care by many dedicated volunteers, the owl survived; however, her injuries prevented her from returning to the wild. She will have a permanent home with the ACCA, where she rules the roost!

Luna eats about 50 grams of mouse or rat pup daily. In the wild, Barn Owls eat a diet of primarily voles. The world’s most widely distributed owl species, Barn Owls can be found in North and South America, Africa, Europe, and Australia.




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