The ACCA is proud of our volunteers! Check out a few of the interesting, dedicated folks involved with our organization:

Featured Volunteer: Meghan Jensen

IMG_2826Meghan is a PhD student at West Virginia University studying population genetics of hawk species. Meghan is from New York and enjoys volunteering as a wildlife educator as well as being outdoors with her five-year-old black Lab, Zuko.



Featured Volunteer: Doug Gilbert
Doug and ButtercupDoug has an extreme passion for conservation.  He has a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Resources from West Virginia University.  He has traveled to many parts of the U.S. to work on conservation-related projects, including the Sierras in California and the Guadalupe Mountains in New Mexico to work with spotted owls. Doug is especially interested in forest birds and the roles they play in the ecology of forests.


Featured Volunteer: Crissa Cooey

Crissa has been researching birds since 2002.  While working on her B.A. at The College of Wooster, she studied factors that influenced bird mortality on roads. After graduation, she traveled to Oregon in 2003 to band birds as part of the M.A.P.S. (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) program. In 2005, she conducted call-broadcast surveys for marsh birds on the lower Colorado River in Arizona and helped with a growth-rate study for Burrowing Owl hatchlings in Southern California. Crissa received her M.S. degree from WVU in 2008 by developing a live sampling technique to estimate age (using the biomarker pentosidine) in adult birds. She is now a Ph.D. candidate at WVU and is using the pentosidine aging procedure to determine age demographics for wild colonies of Double-crested Cormorants. In her spare time, Crissa likes to travel, bird watch, kayak, do outdoor photography, and enjoy nature.

Featured Volunteer: Emma Lendt

Emma has a B.S. in Biology from Bethany College and started working with birds in 2009. She enjoys the outdoors in general, especially kayaking, hiking, and bouldering. She has dogs, cats, rabbits, and a chinchilla who take up most of her time, the rest of which is spent working at Mylan. She also loves riding horses, reading, and she is learning to play the piano.

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