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Upcoming Events, 2015:

January 20: WVU Ornithology class
February 2: WVU SBC meeting
February 3: WVU Ornithology class
February 9: WV Botanic Garden Owl Prowl
February 17: Worthington Elementary School
February 17: Fairplains Elementary School
February 25: Dominion Post
March 14: Farmington students
March 18: Guest tour
March 18: WVU SCB Art Auction
March 20: Guest tour
March 27: Vet Tech students
April 3: Green Gardeners
April 16: WVU Pre-Vet Club
April 22: Earth Day at Morgantown High School
April 25: American Heritage Girls
April 28: New River Birding & Nature Festival
May 9: Morgantown Migratory Bird Day, Cooper’s Rock State Forest
June 2: Cheat Lake Elementary School
June 6: Brooks Bird Club
June 12: Bruceton School
June 20: Cooper’s Rock Celebration of the Outdoors
June 24: Keyser Library
July 10: BOPARC Summer Camp
September 5: International Vulture Awareness Day
September 19: WV Botanic Garden
October 3: WV Botanic Garden


Past Events


February 7: Ridgedale Elementary School
February 21: Cheat Lake Elementary School
March 6, 6pm: WVU Society for Conservation Biology art auction
April 14: Mon Garden Club
April 25: Mason Dixon Elementary School
Ma y 3: Morgantown Migratory Bird Day!7am — Bird Walk, led by Mountaineer Audubon. Meets at the Raven Rock Trailhead 9am-2pm — Activities in the Pavilion near the overlook, including live raptor presentations!
May 30: Cheat Lake Elementary School
June 7: Cooper’s Rock Celebration of the Outdoors
June 19: Morgantown Learning Academy
June 20: West Virginia Botanic Garden
July 13: West Virginia Botanic Garden
July 17: Morgantown Learning Academy
July 26, 1pm: Chestnut Ridge Park
July 28: BOPARC Marilla Park
August 14: Morgantown Learning Academy

September 6, 1pm: International Vulture Awareness Day Celebration, near the overlook at Cooper’s Rock
September 22: Westvaco Center, Bruceton Mills
October 5: West Virginia Botanic Garden Fall Children’s Festival
October 11: Cub Scouts, Parkersburg
October 12: Public Release of Rehabilitated Bald Eagle
October 25: WVU Family Fun Day, MountainLair, WVU Campus
December: Mountaineer Audubon


February 8: Cheat Lake Elementary
February 21, 5pm: Owl Prowl at the West Virginia Botanic Garden with the Friends of Decker’s Creek
February 27, 5pm: Owl Prowl at the WVBG
March 9: WVU Student Sierra Coalition Eco Summit
March 9: Cub Scout “Scout-o-rama,” Morgantown
March 23: Elk River Outdoor Adventures, Elkview
April 4: WVU Pre-Vet Club
April 5: Red-tailed Hawk release, Cheat Lake Elementary School
April 12: Canaan Valley Institute, Tucker County
April 20: The Shack Earth Day Celebration, Morgantown
April 22: WVU Society for Conservation Biology, Morgantown
April 25: Belington Elementary School
May 1: New River Birding and Nature Festival, Fayetteville
May 3: Cheat Lake Elementary School
May 4, 7am-3pm: ACCA’s Morgantown Migratory Bird Day, Cooper’s Rock State Forest
June 1: Canaan Valley Birding Festival, Davis
June 9: Cooper’s Rock Celebration of the Outdoors
June 13: Monongahela Master Naturalists, Morgantown
June 14: WV Botanic Garden Kids’ Carnival, Cheat Lake
July 11: Trinity Christian School, Morgantown
July 13, 10am-2pm: Friends of Deckers Creek, Morgantown
July 20, 9:30am: WV Botanic Garden, Cheat Lake
July 21: Chestnut Ridge Park, Morgantown
July 29: Shrader Environmental Center Junior Nature Camp, Wheeling
August 1: Morgantown Learning Academy
September 17: WVU Women Faculty, Morgantown
September 21: Stonewall Jackson Dam, Weston
September 21: Trinity Christian School, Morgantown
October 3: WVU Pre-Vet Club, Morgantown
October 13, 1-4pm: Children’s Festival, WV Botanic Garden, Morgantown
October 20, 11am-3pm: Cheat Lake Animal Hospital, Morgantown
November 2, 12-3pm: WVU Family Fun Day, outside the MountainLair
November 8: St. Francis School, Morgantown
November 11: Garden Club, Morgantown
November 23: Mountaineer Audubon, Morgantown
December 14: Christmas Bird Count


July 30: Oglebay Junior Nature Camp, Wheeling
August 2: Westwood Middle School, Morgantown
August 5: ACCA Volunteer Meeting, Cheat Lake
August 10: Writing Appalachian Ecology class, WVU campus
September 3: ACCA’s International Vulture Awareness Day Celebration, Cooper’s Rock State Forest
October 4: Cheat Lake Elementary School, Morgantown
October 6: Chestnut Ridge Park, Morgantown
October 9, 7pm: Mountaineer Audubon meeting, 316 Percival Hall, WVU campus
October 27, 12-3pm: WVU Family Fun Day, in front of the MountainLair on WVU campus
November 1: Woodburn Elementary, Morgantown
November 12: WVU Ag Sciences class, Morgantown
November 15: Early Learning Facility, Morgantown
November 16: Ridgedale Elementary, Morgantown
November 30: Brookhaven Elementary, Morgantown
December 9: Mudpie Magic at Ridge Way Farm, Cheat Lake
December 14: Skyview Elementary, Morgantown
December 15: Mountaineer Audubon Christmas Bird Count, Morgantown
December 17: Cub Scouts, Star City